Top 2018 Oregon Wildfire Spots to find Morels

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Oregon will be a real hot spot for world-class morel harvests in 2018.  With hundreds of thousands of acres burned across the state, the possibilities for hunting are huge.  There are so many spots to hunt it can be overwhelming.  Below is our list of the Ten Most Promising Burns to find morels, divided up into three seasons:

Early Season: In March and April hunt morels in burns below 4,000 feet in elevation.  We recommend 4 burns to try in early spring.

Mid Season: In May and June look in the 4,000 - 5,000 range.  We have 4 burns recommended below for mid-season.

Late Season: look for morels above 5,000 feet in July.  Early July can be killer if conditions are right!  We have two fires below we recommend that feature some good high-altitude hunting.

 Of course, there are several factors which will impact the elevation and the time of year the morels pop:

Aspect: South facing hillsides are often weeks ahead of North facing hillsides.

Snowpack: A big snowpack really pushes the season later.  

Spring: Spring can come early or late

Location: It seems that burns closer to the coast pop a bit earlier.  

Three Reminders:

1 - With all old burn areas, check to see with the Forest Service to see if they are open and what rules apply before you go. Burns like Eagle Creek, which are near urban Portland, are especially likely to be regulated more closely and even closed.

2 - Don't trust my elevation estimates! Look at the maps and ...

To access our maps and the top 10 spots described below, please join purchase our $39 Burn Morels Ebook that includes 2018 maps. 

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