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This page provides access to 2017 fires for the 2018 hunting season. It offers a Google Map of all potential morel hunting wildfire burns in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California for that year.

To access these maps, you can click into the map and request access, or, email modforager@gmail.com with your email address and we will add you to all four.  We love to hear about where and when you are planning on hunting, so feel free to share your story!

Curated 2018 Oregon Map has the 2017 fires for 2018 hunting broken into the following Categories:

Top Burns are our dozen or so favorite burns.  Each burn has a marker location and they are in no particular order. In order to make this list the burn must look promising, not be too steep, be on public land and have relatively easy access.  There are two additional folders you may click to add to data to the map:

Prospective Areas: We have adde...

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