2024 E-book and All State Maps

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This year all maps and all data are contained in one map interface. There is fire and stewardship data for all 50 states. It’s a LOT of data, so please give the map a minute to load. Our 11 Western Burn Morel states show at the top of the state dropdown. There is a tutorial for this new interface here. All historic burn morel maps are available in the toggle at the bottom of this column. 

2024 Morel Hunting Map – Click Here
(Released 3/1/24)

This one map includes ALL of the following:

  • 2024 burn perimeters for Continental US and British Columbia
  • Western US fires rated on A-D scale (these 11 states show at the top of the drop down list)
  • Updated stewardship/logging maps (4 years)
  • Morel Probability (A & B rated fires)
  • Burn Severity overlay (A & B Rated fires, where available)
  • Land Ownership (federal, state, tribal, private, etc)
  • Forest Type Overlay
  • MVUM (Motor Vehicle Usage Maps) from USFS where available
  • Snow Depth / Snow Pack Maps

Historic Burn Maps (click + below to open)

2023 Burn Maps (Updated Interface)

2023 Morel Hunting Map – Click Here

2023 burn perimeters for all states in North America – all ratings, 3 years of stewardships, forest type overlay, burn severity overlay, morel probability overlay, MVUM overlay and more.

Advanced: downloadable KML Files (for upload to a GPS device)

If you want a KML download of one state, Click Here for details
If you want KML files for 2 states, please Click Here
If you want KML files for 3 states, please Click Here

Coming Soon

Precipitation Maps – rainfall overlays on burn perimeters showing the last six weeks of rain by week or as a total over 6 weeks; this map is currently showing burns from 2023. It will be updated by March 15th with 2024 burn perimeters. 

Tree Species Map (currently includes 2022 & 2023 burn perimeters – it will updated to 2024 by March 15th)

Yukon, Northwest Territory & Alberta burn perimeters will be added as available.

Extra Resources

Burn Morel E-book

Low Resolution (3Mb PDF) | High Resolution (17Mb PDF)

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