2024 Burn Map for All States and E-book


Purchase Price: $39


The 2024 version of the burn morel maps is now available for all Western states: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota and Utah
The maps also include fire perimeters for all states in the entire Continental US and logging/timber maps for the lower 48!


  • 2023 Fires for all of Continental US for 2024 hunting
  • Western US fires rated on A-D scale
  • British Columbia fire perimeters
  • Morel probability maps (for A&B rated fires)
  • Burn severity overlay (A&B rated fires, where available)
  • Stewardship/logging maps (4 years, Lower 48)
  • Land Ownership (federal, state, tribal, private, etc)
  • Forest type overlay
  • MVUM (Motor Vehicle Usage Maps) from USFS where available
  • Snow depth / snow pack maps
  • Precipitation Maps – rainfall overlays on burn perimeters showing the last six weeks of rain by week or as a total over 6 weeks; currently showing burns from last year. Will be updated to 2024 by March 15th.
  • Tree Species Map with 2022 & 2023 burn perimeters. Will be updated to 2024 by March 15th.
  • Yukon, Northwest Territory & Alberta – added when available


  • 2024 maps delivered immediately upon purchase
  • Access to available maps from previous years included
  • Complimentary access to burn morels e-book

**Downloadable maps for mobile apps are not included, but will be available for an additional fee for hunters who require this functionality, email us directly if you are interested.

Please create an account below and *record your username/password* during this process (you will need it handy). After you create your account you will be asked to enter payment details at the bottom of this same page, scroll down. Map access and complimentary e-book will be automatically delivered immediately after payment.


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