Holiday Gift Ideas for Foragers and Mushroom Hunters

2022 Gifts for Mushroom Lovers & Foragers

Happy Holidays! Apologies we are so late in getting this out the door this year, life never slows down 🙂 Hope you still have time to grab some of these fun gift ideas.

SHIPPING NOTE for items in our store – we can ship the following items direct (and quickly) – baskets, books, knives, puzzles, stickers and all foraging bags. If you place orders today (12/16), we will be shipping everything out tomorrow morning until 10am PST when our post office closes (Saturday 12/17). I would NOT recommend getting any print-on-demand apparel at this point, it will not arrive before the holidays. 

Below you will find some fun things combed from around the internet (these are NOT affiliate links, it’s just fun to create this list for you). If you really want to get the ideas flowing, check out our forager gift lists from 2021, 2020 and 2019 as well. Wishing you health and happiness in the new year. Enjoy!

From the Modern Forager Shop

We still have quite a few awesome things left in inventory. If you see foraging bags or baskets listed here, they should be available. We also have lots of great books and puzzles in stock. We are currently out of small cross body baskets, large conversion pack baskets, and the large backpack with interior wicker basket. 

Here’s a little something for Santa to help out with late shipping! Spend at least $40 and get $5 off your order, use PROMO CODE “FORSANTA” through Christmas!


Cool Mushroom Themed Gifts from Around the Web

Amanita Paper Lanterns from Amazon

Mushroom themed gifts from World Market

DIY Painted Mushroom Kit from Etsy

Cute Mushroom Bud Vases from Etsy

Hand Drawn Mushroom Foraging Calendar (what mushrooms to forage, when – generally) – Etsy

Soma Goddess Mushroom Art from Etsy

Emily Poole Art – Night Rambler, one of our favs, direct from artist

Knitted Mushroom Beanie – this one looks like it could take awhile – Etsy

Terra Tech Brush Chaps from Terra Tech

Wooden Mushroom Lamps – Etsy

Hamilton’s Mushroom Extracts – direct from Hamilton

Cordless Vacuum Sealer Options fro Amazon – one, two (jar attachment) and three

Dehydrator and Extra Trays – Target or Amazon

Mushroom Lamp – Etsy

Plushrooms – so cute – direct from seller

Mush Love Trucker Hat from Sipsey Wilder

Cool Custom Knife – too bad they don’t have fungi art! From Deejo

Kids Fungi themed books – Mason Goes Mushrooming and the Mushroom Fan Club

Vitamix Grain Attachment (for grinding medicinal mushrooms) – Amazon

Cute Mushroom Bags – Maika Goods

Walmart Mushroom Themed Apparel – So many options! Timing looks tight, may be print on demand.
Sweatshirt, Sweatshirt, Sweatshirt, Junior Hoodie, Cosmic Tee

Do you have favorite items that you just love? Leave us a comment and let us know, we’ll try to share a link!

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