Grizzly Creek Fire Map

Updated 8/19 at 11:45 pm MST

I do a lot of online mapping for morel hunters: mapping burn perimeters for mushroom hunters each year. This map shows the 8/18 lines in blue and the 8/19 lines in red. You can clearly see the team is doing an exceptional job at keeping this fire contained!  

The basemap can be changed by clicking on the buttons (Map (can toggle topo by clicking terrain)/Satellite/USFS/USGS). You can toggle full screen by clicking the square frame icon top right (esc to go back to regular screen). 


Additional Maps

Inciweb Incident Page – Grizzly Creek Fire Incident page, map at top.  Perimeter based map.

Full Screen Inciweb map

Eagle County EOC Map – Shows evac and closed areas. 

Garfield County Evac Map – shows evacuation

National Interagency Fire Center Maps – Excellent Maps!

CalTopo – Satellite heat based map + Excellent basemaps

Perimeter KML Files

KML files should work an any online mapping software, including Google Earth

Daily Progression Map

Daily Progression Map with Controls

You can turn on and off the different perimeters from different days in this map.



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  • Patrick Johnson

    Thank you for this. It is just the information I have been looking for.

  • teresa

    Where do I find out what the colored lines mean? Purple, red, blue, yellow….etc

    • Trent Blizzard

      The colored lines are each day’s perimeter – Yellow (8/12), White (8/13), Blue (8-14), Red (8-15), Green (8-16). Note… they are often measured the night before. Thus, 8/16 is measured from 7PM on 8/15. So, each day shows the previous days growth.

  • Jennifer McConnell

    Thank you!!! This is the best map yhat I have ffoin out there to help figure out where the fire is.

    • Craig Marshall

      Thanks for all this. Really can see better than Grizzly creek posts

  • Chet

    Thanks Trent! Great map.

  • Paul Karr

    Repeating what everyone said before best explanation of what the fire is doing

  • Elizabeth Schumacher

    Awesome map, thank you for compiling the data and progression. Being on the easterly side of this fire any information is helpful and gives some peace of mind.

  • CJ

    Great job Trent, Thank you!

    • Trent Blizzard

      HI CJ, thanks!

  • Dennel Rivera

    WOW, great work on this. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Joel Trueblood

    Thanks so much, Trent !! It’s a HUGE help !!! You are providing a much needed service to this community!

  • Nicolette Toussaint

    Thank you, Trent. This is very helpful. I let the Sopris Sun know about it. I think editor Will Grandbois was actually looking for a progression map.

  • Jessi Hastings

    Just want to thank you Trent. Great map!!! Can see clearly where the fire is and where it is going.
    Thanks for offering up your talents!!

  • Sandy

    Thank you for this!!

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