Best Forager Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gifts for Foragers

Hello Friends! As the holidays near, it’s time to think about fun-loving gifts for your favorite foragers. We are always on the lookout for cool mushroom-themed stuff from around the interwebs. Mushrooms are the IT thing this year and the list is long – there’s no better time to support your favorite local businesses and artisans. Have a product you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below. 

Below you will find some of our favorite things. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Top Favorites

Here are a few things we can’t live without! Do we use our own cookbook? Yes! ALL the time, the recipes from our foraging friends are inspiring.

big boy knife

We’ve been in a bind or two with trees fallen over backcountry roads, This Bigboy 2000 will give you peace of mind and it’s easy to keep in the truck.

Xtratuf boots are a PNW staple and these clogs bring a whole new level of radness to your indoor/outdoor shoe selection.

Wisconsin foraging is not tolerable without protective, insect repellent clothing. Permethrin does the job fairly well. I’m not even sure how many bottles we’ve been through! It’s not glamorous, but what a useful gift.

When it’s matsutake season, we eat ramen weekly. These four items are a staple in Trent’s kitchen: Umami Powder, Bonito Flakes, Bluegrass Soy Sauce, and Kombu. Why not create a cute little kit?

noso patches

This is one of my favorite finds of the year – NOSO Patches. They are not just cute, they actually do the job – well! They are incredibly easy to apply and use very thin, yet sturdy material – so get to work removing your worn duct tape patches and rocking your fav puffies in style. 

The Magical Butter Machine has been here before, but we truly can not live without this gadget. We use it ALL THE TIME. We use it to do water extraction for tinctures and to infuse oils for salves & lotions. PS – if you gift it to someone you live with, it’s basically a present for you too 😉

conversion pack

It’s a basket when you’re hunting and a backpack when it’s time to haul ’em home. Take a look at our small conversion basket – this size is best for women and children. 

The Rocky Talkie is rugged and well-engineered device.  We got them for their awesome carabiner clips and long range. We have found less buttons makes it far easier to use than its brethren. Their battery life is epic too.


Hey DIYers, get in the know and start your own fruiting kits!

Mushroom Mountain grow kits

It’s so fun to grow your own culinary mushrooms! Seriously, you will love it just as much as your kids do. Mushrooms eaten regularly in your diet have proven health benefits. Our friends at Mushroom Mountain have you covered with several different options for indoor fruiting kits. 

Looking to expand your horizons? Golden Teacher spores microscopy kit come loaded in a plastic 10ml syringe ready for action. Yes, you can legally buy spores on the internet. As to the rest, that’s up to you friends. 

The whole enchilada – use a Boomr Bin Monotub Mushroom Grow kit to start growing your own dung-loving edible or medicinal mushrooms indoors. Combine that with a Boomr Bag for your substrate and you are nearly ready to go.


Hey beginners – you can do this too! Our friends at NorthSpore have made it so easy for you to grow your own with their injectable Shroomtek grow bag. Arm yourself with some liquid culture, inject and grow. 

Foraging Fashion

We all love fun and beautiful mushroom themed fashion. Take a look!

These mushroom embroidered Chucks are hands down the cutest fashion item I found on the internet. They come from Vietnam so you’d better get your orders in!

Fluffy mushroom slippers.  Warm, soft and mushroomy.


Something about this cozy, reverse dyed sweatshirt just envokes happiness. Hand crafted and available on Etsy.

Our friend Cheshire recommended these bulletproof Nitrile rain bibs to us. They will keep you dry under any conditions and stand up to extreme abuse.

Pretty Fly for a Fungi crew socks come in mutiple colors from Sockologie.  Check out some of the other fun mushroom themed socks they have.

Mushroom fashion is everywhere all of the sudden but, corduroy mushroom themed pants? Yes, please! Who doesn’t need a pair of these cute, wide legged, inexpensive duds?

Simms Bugstopper Hoodie uses more than just long sleeves and a hood to protect you from those vicious little biters.  It features Insect Shield technology baked right into the fabric for long-lasting repelling power against moscquitoes, ticks and flies.

 Aside from covering your crack, sometimes keeping your pants up comes with other benefits such as these cool leather utility loops for foraging tool attachments. Bushcraft Leather Utility Belt

Foraging Gear & Tools

Cool stuff for cool cats that love being in the woods.

uv light

Did you know that certain mushrooms and mycelium react under ultraviolet light? Nigh time UV foraging is all the rage! Grab a light and prepare to be amazed. Lots of options on Amazon

Discover a whole new macroscopic world of fungi through the eyes of a lighted loupe. Wondering if that really is a turkey tail with true pores, this thing will let you know with 40X magnification. 

Gaia GPS will keep you from getting lost in the woods, and you can use your phone! No need to worry about cell signal, you can download your maps before you go and the gps will keep track of you. Share your treks with your foraging partner & tag photos along the way. This link will give you a 20% discount – enjoy!

Gift the burn morel hunter in your life 2024 burn intel this year! We spend hours curating burn maps for morel hunters in 11 Western states, sorting through fire data and removing many poor choices. We also choose 10-20 top fires in most states and provide details and hunting tips for each of these burns. 

In the Kitchen

We spend lots of time in the kitchen and in the field cooking mushrooms. Here are a few things that make life easier or more fun!

chanterelle soy sauce

Chanterelle soy sauce, need I say more?

This small portable butane burner is one of our favorite cooking devices when we want to taste some mushrooms at the trail head. It only takes seconds to get the butter sizzling.

This rocket stove is a fun addition to our mushroom cookery. It is a quick an easy way to setup a cooking station anywhwere with the fun ambience of working with real fire

This nifty spice kit is perfect for roadside mushroom cookouts. There is no better way to enjoy your shrooms than direct from forest to table.

The truffle shaver is hard to beat when truffles are at hand.  Also handy for the likes of porcini, matsutake or even chocolate.

Mushroom Extracts and Beverages

These two providers make the best products!


Hamilton’s Mushrooms makes the best extract powder, hands down. They melt into any liquid. Awesome choices include individual species like chaga, lions mane, cordyceps and reishi or blends created to enhance the body or mind. Who needs fancy Mudwater when you’ve got the pure and medically tested, real deal? 

eleavated spores

We love the hand-crafted hot beverages from Elevated Spores – Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Chai and Mushroom Matcha. So good.

Mushroom Photography

Foragers love taking photos. Check these out: 

The OM system TG-7 is a rugged, waterproof and fabulous.  For the mushroomer, it includes awesome macro options with focus stacking and focus bracketig.

Helicon Focus is software that manages the focus stacking technology to create stunning macro and myco photograpy.


Foragers rely on books, they delight and educate. These are just a few of our favorites. Buy from the author direct if available or ask your local bookstore to order for you! At the same time, Amazon makes or breaks us – leave your favorite authors a review (you don’t have to have purchased there to do so). 

fruits of the forest

Fruits of the Forest is new in 2023.  It covers 150+ edible species in the Pacific Northwest. This book is an excellent gift for someone trying to expand the variety of different species they consume.

microdosing amanita

Microdosing with Amanita Muscaria is new in 2022 and is part cookbook and part testimonial with a sole focus on fly agaric.  We use the recipes in this book for ointments specifically.

medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide really is an essential guide.  This is a lovely book written by Christopher Hobbs, an uber-expert.  He espouses eating the entire fruit and we especially like his recipes for creating mushroom powders. 

psilocybin cookbook

The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook is loaded with yummy recipes for your favorite magic mushoom.

Journals & Subscriptions

Surprise your favorite nerdy forager with a whole year of education!

Give the gift of camaraderie, the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) offers one of the best forays of the year and prints the Mycophile newsletter.  

Fungi Magazine is always at the industry forefront. The mycophile in your life will appreciate receiving this beautiful magazine 5x each year. 

Gifty Fun Things

A few more things I just couldn’t leave out! If you don’t find something here, go to Etsy and search for ‘foraging’ or ‘mushrooms’. Prepare to lose at least an hour, lots of great makers out there these days. 


Functional mushrooms are buzzy these days. Why not surprise and delight with a little chocolate for your extremely groovy friends. Introducing Alice.. 

Sling it front, fling it back, wrap it around your waist. What is not to love about the Mush Love Fanny Pack from Sipsey Wilder?

The crochet mushroom pillow is a huggable gift for your mushroom lover.


Hey puzzlers! I saw this puzzle in the store earlier this year and was tempted to buy it. It’s quite beautiful and one I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Just can’t hold it? Cover your butt in the woods with this eco-friendly, mycelium poop busting tool from Pact. Leave no trace, let the mushrooms do the work. 


Gary has been working hard to educate us with these nifty myco flashcards. Sharpen up your skillset and grab a deck today! 

The America the Beautiful Annual National Parks Pass covers parking in many, many locations that foragers frequent! We buy a pass every year.

mushroom magnets

Our friend Sandy Patton is uber talented, these magnets are just one of the many fun things she crafts. Plus every sale benefits the Cascade Mycological Society!

Do you have favorite items that you just love? Leave us a comment and let us know, we’ll try to share a link!

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    So many good ideas here and a ton of great products! Thanks for this! The hard part is what I get for gifts and what I get for me, lol.

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