2018 Colorado Morel Hunting Map of Wildfire Burns

Morels Love a Good Burn!

UPDATE: 2019 burn morel maps and updated e-book are now available! Learn More >

These are the 2016 and 2017 Colorado forest fires to focus on for the 2018 Colorado Morel season.  Not the yellow morels along rivers, but instead the black morels that grow in burnsites.  If you are looking to go hunting in a burn this year, I hope this helps…comment below!  

Happy hunting.  Click here for 2018 fires to hunt in 2019.

2017 Forest Fires in Colorado. 

We found 8 very promising fires and another 10 that might be worth dropping into… check them out anyways. Click the frame icon top right to expand the maps to full screen!

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2016 Forest Fires in Colorado

This map has 8 A & B fires with 5 rated as A fires. 

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If you are looking for the 2018 forest fires for hunging in 2019, they are now wrapped into our Burn Morel Ebook.


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  • Erica

    Whoa, this is totally cool. Thanks!

  • Justin

    Super-helpful! Any tips on how and when? Only hunted morels on the East coast and one of these burns is right near me. Still spring, right? Any guidance appreciated…

    • Trent Blizzard

      Hi Justin, We have lots of burn-morel hunting tips, strategies and wisdom in our ebook for sale on the site…;) For Colorado, we are probably looking around 8K in Early to Mid June. You may have to go once a week for a few weeks to hit a burn just right. Some good moisture (and hopefully a bit of warm weather to go with it!) is critical. I like to go out a few days after a good soaking. Look in mixed aspen and conifer forest when the aspen leaves are just coming out and are about the size of a penny or quarter.

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