Christmas Gift Ideas for Foragers and Mushroom Hunters

2021 Gifts for Mushroom Lovers & Foragers

It’s that time of year again – Christmas! I’ve been combing the internet and social media channels for inspiration. Putting this list together is such a fun task, it’s a wonderful time to support local artisans and small businesses. We’ve been slowly adding some fun new items to our store as well via some sweet new collaborations.

Below you will find some of our favorite things. If you really want to get the ideas flowing, check out our forager gift lists from 2020 and 2019 as well. Wishing you health and happiness in the new year. Enjoy!

New From Modern Forager!

We’ve created some sweet collabs and added a few fun new things to our store this season! Read all the way to the end to see a very exciting product announcement, probably not in time for xmas but exciting all the same 😉 

NOTE – If any of you are looking at print-on-demand items, please order them asap. Everything is extra delayed this year with Covid and supply chain issues. Those items can take up to 17 days to arrive, but sometimes it’s much quicker, just hard to know and there are no guarantees. Books, gear, puzzles, cards, knives, etc are all in stock and can be shipped to you quickly.    

We love Linden Sweden’s berry picker and cleanup tray so much that we decided to stock them in our store! These tools are totally awesome and relatively inexpensive for their utility. Up your berry picking game this year.

hamiltons extracts

Hamilton’s Extracts are our new favorite way to consume medicinal mushrooms! They are incredibly concentrated and ground so finely that they melt delightfully in tea or coffee. Highly recommend.    

Plain Jane Originals

These handmade Plain Jane waxed wraps & bags and “not” paper towels are so cute, it’s hard not to claim them all for ourselves! The mushroom themed fabrics bring a huge smile to our faces every time we use them. Plus Jane is one awesome gal and these are Earth friendly! Perfect gifts. 

Books galore! We have created the most amazing mushroom library of our favorite foraging and mushroom themed books. Some of these titles (including our own Wild Mushrooms cookbook) are about to be out of stock with the publisher while they go to new printings – get your copies now! 

The BIG List

In no particular order this year, take a look at some fun finds for that favorite forager in your life!

What!? Opinel has a folding peeler that easily fits in your pocket? Yes, please! This peeler is definitely ‘campy’, you are not going to want to peel 50 potatoes with it, but it’s perfect for your next big haul of Colorado rubriceps. Yes – use it to peel the dirt off the stem, works way better than your knife. A favorite find this year.

Wes’s mushroom coffee, mushroom chai and infusion kits from Elevated Spores – so YUM! Wes is an all around good guy with a knack for crafting the good stuff. His products are made with medicinal mushrooms foraged by him in the Northwoods of WI and MN. 

Wow, this little portable camping, hunting, hiking, cooking mushrooms in the woods stove is so cool! Any woodsy folk would appreciate it. 

Rayne fills all of her products with love and this chocolate elixir looks absolutely divine. Check out the Colorado Mushroom Co on Etsy, you’ll find plenty of decadent mushroomy treats. 

This sweet little Moment macro lens is perfect for your friends who love mushroom photography. It works with a case and fits right on to your amazing iPhone camera. You will be amazed at your closeups of the tiny world of mushrooms. 

Wait, what? An air compressor? Yep! For the serious chanterelle hunter in your life – these things clean off dirt like nothing else. And hey, your honey do list just got a little more exciting as you open up the possibilities of power washing, nail guns, you name it. 

Some of our foraging friends just love this belt foraging pouch from Artic Pines. Super for a quick berry or mushroom hunt! She also has really cool fire starter necklaces – how fun and unique.

I’m biased but I love our mushroom sticker. It’s vinyl and super nice quality. I have it on a water bottle and it sails through the dishwasher no problems. This one rocks too!

Original mushroom art from Alicia Marie. Beautiful chanterelles and morels, hurry though they are one of a kind!

Chris Adams is the talented Corvallis OR based artist behind the Mushroom Tarot cards. He always had super creative t-shirts and stickers, like this Born to Rot shirt. Join the Corvidopolis cult following and rock one of those sweet mushroom themed shirts!

Handmade mushroom soft action figures from Kami – so cute and very unique! 

There’s tons of great stuff at the Forest Floor shop – tons! I love this little amanita patch. Always looking for something cute to cover up holey pants and backpacks!

Ok, all you really need are the cheap walkies, but if you want something super bad-ass check out the Rocky Talkie. It’s made for serious adventures.

This Nathalie Lété mushroom puzzle is quite beautiful! I have yet to put one together but maybe we’ll tackle it over Christmas. We also have a Nature Anatomy puzzle in the shop.

I am in love with Elizabeth’s stunningly beautiful Billow Cloud Soaps. The essence of the Oregon Coast packed into lovely little bars. Check back often as she adds new product to her store regularly. Or give the gift of lather with a gift card.  

Yulia puts her vast WI Northwoods foraging knowledge into a line of skin/body care, teas, soaps and earth friendly household cleaners. My current favorite is the spotless beauty cream, it’s awesome for anyone in dryer climates.  Trent loves her Fireweed tea btw.

I mean… who doesn’t need a cute, hand-forged, copper mushroom rain gauge or copper mushroom bird feeder? Am I right?

Same… mushroom rain chain. Yaaas! Love it. 

Incredible knobcone necklaces handmade by our dear foraging friend, Kate. These are harvested near the Oregon Coast. Mother nature is astounding, if you don’t think so just look inside a knobcone 🙂

The cutest mushroom earrings – five star reviews, everyone loves them!

This is a really special piece hand-crafted by Crimson Claw Jewelry. Montana agate set in sterling silver with a fly agaric shining through. Beautiful. This is the year to support artisans like Rockit!

These handmade mushroom lamps are pricey, but simply beautiful pieces of art!

The Parks Project has contributed over $2M to help fund vital projects in our National Parks around the US. Support them with their seriously cute line of shroomy products. Fair warning, the chair is for pretty small butts 🙂

Sweet swag from Forager Goods & Company. Support Portland Chef Karl Holl on his journey to create a cool new brand. 

Eleana and Kevin at Shared Cultures are two of the nicest and hardest working folks we know. We first got to try their koji products at SOMA Camp two years ago – mind blowingly delicious. They put so much care into everything they do. Love seeing them take the San Francisco food scene by storm!

Sabatino truffle products are truffley and soooo good! Every single thing they sell – honey, salt, truffle zests, oils – is yummy. The perfect stocking stuffers – grab them up! My favorite is the plain truffle zest seasoning – turns anything gourmet. 

Every forager needs something for emergencies when out in the woods. This Pact all-in-one bathroom kit provides a shovel, compact wipes, sanitizer AND my favorite part – tabs containing mycelium that will decompose your waste. This is so gifty and cool. Plus it’s sold by our friends over at Mushroom Mountain, they have a million other cool mushroom themed gifts, check them out. 

Hand carved, wooden Kuksa cups abound on Etsy – they are super fun to take on the go to enjoy a quiet moment in nature. Often they come with a leather thong that easily clips to a backpack. 

Gift the burn morel hunter in your life 2022 burn intel this year! We spend hours curating burn maps for morel hunters in 11 Western states, sorting through fire data and removing many poor choices. We also choose 10-20 top fires in most states and provide details and hunting tips for each of these burns. This includes our Burn Morels e-book. 

Fungi Magazine sets the standard for news in the industry. Britt has been producing this wonderful publication for years, it’s sure to be a favorite gift for your nerdy mushroom family and friends. 

The North American Mycological Association Foray is one of our favorite events of the year. You have to become a member to be invited to the event, you’ll also get a copy of their publication The Mycofile, and be supporting a wonderful organization. Give the gift of community this year, join the mycelial network! Curious about myco clubs in your area? Search for one here.

Coming SOON from Modern Forager!

Are you still with me? I did promise a product update at the very end. We are super excited to announce a collaboration with a company in the Ukraine that crafts handmade mushroom hunting baskets and backpacks. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and we love the heck out of everything they have made for us. We had hoped we would receive them before Christmas but I just don’t think we are going to make it. Soon though! 

Here’s a sneak peak – if anyone is interested in learning more or would like to be notified when these become available, please email us at I don’t have pricing quite yet, but I can give you an idea. 


Do you have favorite items that you just love? Leave us a comment and let us know, we’ll try to share a link!

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