Burn Morel Hunting Maps

Let us do the research! Rated fire perimeters in 11 Western “burn morel” states with hunting tips and morel probability ratings. Plus fire perimeters in the entire CONUS.

Our burn morel hunting maps have many tools that enable you to plan a successful hunt before you even leave the comfort of your home! While we can’t deny morels are tricksters and don’t always follow predictive behavior, burn morels do use science and can be successfully located using forest type, elevation, burn severity, precipitation, slope, aspect, soil types, temperatures and more. Explore our map layers below. 

Colorado burn morel hunt, 3 hunters, 3 hours


Your burn morel hunting map subscription will provide you access to a continental US map that offers all of the following features:


Burn Perimetersmap perimeters

Burn Perimeters

We give you burn perimeters for all reported fires in the entire continental US. We then rate fires in the 11 western burn morel states from A-D, providing hunting tips and more information for all A rated fires. We have done the hard work for you.

  • 2023 forest fire perimeters for 49 states + BC
  • Each fire rated for morel probability on scale
  • Find the best fires in the country

Morel Probability

This layer uses an algorithm to provide terrain based predictions, calling attention to “morel hotspots” – areas where we predict morels will flourish. We use three primary terrain features to create these predictions – Tree cover density, slope and aspect. The more burned tree cover, the gentler the slope (simply for accessible hunting), and North or Northerly aspects gain the highest ratings. This is a great feature especially for beginners!

  • 48 States
  • Acre-by-Acre ratings
  • Color coded overlay (yellow and lime green best)
  • Find the best places to hunt!
  • Tree density, slope and aspect are primary factors.
morel probability
burn severityburn severity

Burn Severity

Burn Severity is calculated using satellite imagery before and after the burn. Sometimes cloud cover interferes, but most A and B fires offer this layer. The most severely burned areas of a fire, “moonscapes”, are typically not great for hunting morels. They burned too hot and left little behind. Morels prefer areas where the trees are severely stressed, dead and dying, dropping healthy beds of brown needles on the shady forest floor.

  • 48 States
  • Acre-by-Acre ratings
  • Color coded overlay
  • Find your ideal severity zones

Stewardship Maps

Morels love a good disturbance, and who better to create disturbances than the US Forest Service. The stewardship map overlay shows all US forest management activities for the last three years. This includes things like forest cuts and thins, controlled burns, and the creation of logging roads, power lines and train maintenance zones.

  • 48 States
  • 4 years of data 
  • Logging, thins, controlled burns
  • Find Disturbance Morels
disturbance mapdisturbance map
forest typeforest type

Forest Types

Forest type maps provide a large picture overlay providing helpful information to quickly see forest information without getting down to the species level.

  • 48 states
  • 25 forest types color coded
  • Find your ideal forest or habitat

Tree Species (Supplemental Map)

Many of the mushrooms we seek are growing in partnership with a specific kind of tree. Yet, a mushroom may prefer a different tree associate pending where it is regionally located. Morels can be found growing with all sorts of different tree species all over the US. This tool allows you to explore tree species and target regions of interest.

  • 48 states
  • All Conifer species
  • Find locations of exact tree species
tree speciestree species

Precipitation & Snowpack

All mushrooms love moisture and morels are no exception. Watching the snowpack on your favorite locations or burns that you’ve targeted can be important. Checking the 5 day rain pattern is also a very helpful tool.

  • 48 states
  • 1,3,5 day rain totals
  • Color coded overlay
  • Find recent rain totals
  • Current Snowpack totals
  • Find recent rain totals
  • Snowpack is an important indicator

Land Ownership Types

It’s useful to know where you can, and can not hunt. Certain areas such as private land, reservations, National Parks should be avoided. Take a look at the fires you are targeting before you even get in the car – know where you are allowed to safely hunt.

  • 48 states
  • Color coded overlays
  • Federal, State, Tribal, Local
  • Respect private & tribal land
land ownershipland ownership

Enhanced Motor Vehicle Maps

The motor vehicle utility maps layer shows you roads open to all vehicles yearly and seasonally, roads open to highway legal vehicles only, yearly and seasonally, roads open to special designations, yearly and seasonally.

  • Provided by US Forest Service
  • Considered Official 
  • Provides enhanced road information
  • Saves gas!


Our mapping tool can be utilized with several different map “base” layers.

  • Terrain – Google terrain maps show roads combined with contour lines to help visualize the landscape
  • Road Map – This is Google’s typical road map
  • Satellite – Google’s satellite view (which has been updated recently and is showing burned trees this year)
  • USFS – Show forested areas in a green shade and have excellent forest service road details as well as campgrounds, public access areas, gates and more.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at modforager@gmail.com

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