Burn Morel Webinar – Learn From the Experts

Burn Morel Hunting Tips – Learn from the Pros

April 3rd, 2024 @ 6:00 PM Pacific – Free Online Webinar

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For this special online event, we bring you a lifetime of burn morel hunting experience from 3 commercial hunters, an experienced hunter/chef and the woman who helped shape the commercial mushroom hunting industry. We’ll host a digital round table discussion with our experts – Graham Steinruck, Connie Green, Robert Underwood, Keneke Carson & Max Hunter. Collectively these folks bring 100+ years of Western morel hunting experience to the table. They offer a wealth of knowledge in this space and we are so lucky and thrilled to present them to you!

I am planning a deep dive into the Western burn morel scene… a few questions I am burning to ask:

  • What areas of the West are your favorite places to hunt burn morels? 
  • What new area would you personally like to visit and pick?
  • What are your preferred trees and forest types?
  • What do you think of the coastal ranges?

After that, we’ll explore matters of pressing importance to burn morel hunters:

  • What is your planning or scouting process?
  • Do you utilize any special research tools?
  • How do you find morels at the beginning and end of the season? 
  • Are second and third year burns worth the trouble?
  • What about controlled burns?
  • Which burn morel tastes the best?

We’ll finish the session by addressing audience questions. What are you dying to know?

The Experts

Graham Steinruck

Graham SteinruckA wild food phenom in the kitchen, Graham’s dishes have pleased many a mycophile’s palette over the years. He is a chef, forager, and mycologist. Graham has worked with some of Colorado’s top chefs as well as mushroom festivals around the country, including the Telluride Fest dinner each year. His work features wild ingredients in unique preparations that are inspired by the natural world. An experienced burn morel hunter, Graham currently resides in Olympia, WA.

Connie Green

connie greenIn many ways, “Mushroom Lady” Connie Green helped to shape the commercial mushroom hunting industry in the West. She was the first purveyor to bring chanterelles to popular restaurants in California in the seventies. At the time, the sale of these fungi required a significant industry education as chefs literally did not believe chanterelles existed in the area. These chefs also expected a more diminutive mushroom – the PNW golden chanterelle was unbelievable. Connie paved the way. She is the author of the beautiful cookbook, The Wild Table, and the owner of Wine Forest Wild Foods, a Bay Area delivery and online retail shop for premium quality sustainably sourced mushrooms and wild foods. 

Robert Underwood

Robert lives and learns in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. He has been a commercial harvester since 2015, mostly in the Pacific Northwest. Robert is proud to be in his first year of real business with North Hills Wild LLC, where he specializes in a variety of wild mushrooms, greens and fruits.


Keneke Carson

Keneke’s obsession with morels began by chance 7 years ago during a slow day of steelhead fishing. The river-side morels hooked Keneke that day with their unusual appearance and their ability to blend into the environment. Since that fateful day he has chased morels all across the large parts of the West. The hunt for morels has allowed him to meet great people, travel to beautiful locales, and make new observations each season. He is always humbled by this amazing mushroom.

Max Hunter

max hunterMax is a commercial mushroom hunter with 30 years experience. He lives in California and picks throughout the West coast. He has vast morel expertise in the Sierra range of California.



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  • Jim Ray

    Going for first hunt of the year tomorrow, Monday . I may be early this year, but trillium ae starting to bloom everywhere. they too, are a bit early. Wish me luck !

    • Luke

      At what latitude/what county? I heard that someone just found the first Morel of the season recently 🙂

  • Joseph

    Hello friends! I saw that you are doing a burn webinar on April 3rd 2024. Will this be recorded and up loaded to your YouTube channel for those of us who can not attend? Thank you for your time.

  • Catherine Greer

    Unfortunately, i missed this! Is there a way for me to view it?

  • Trent Blizzard

    HI All, this webinar was recorded. If you fill out a form above with your name and eamil, we will send you a link to watch.

  • Thomas Hargett

    Would love to watch this webinar

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