2019 Burn Morel Maps Now Available

Burn Morel Madness Begins… Now

Burn Morels: A Modern Forager's Guide to Finding MushroomsMania is brewing and the interwebs are heating up with morel photos + discussions about the upcoming spring hunt. While the snow continues to fall in Colorado, we have been feverishly working on our burn morel maps for 2019! This year we have developed a new system: new maps, new functionality and immediate access. It’s super slick and we are constantly working on adding any additional functionality that might add value. 

Update: 2022 Burn Morel Maps Now Available >

Curated Maps, Added Value

Our burn maps are curated, meaning we have spent hours and hours sorting through the fires – removing many poor choices and also fires in areas that are inaccessible (and unlawful) for picking. Additionally, we have chosen 10-20 top picks and have provided details and hunting tips on each of these burns. Unabridged maps containing all fires are also included. Generally the maps allow you to see burn perimeters, topo/elevation, trees and road access. Everything you need for a successful burn morel hunt! 

There is a huge value of time savings in purchasing this product. Super maps, accessible all in one spot, with hunting tips on the best burns. These are the same maps we use for our own spring hunt.  

We have two map products, Colorado and All States (which includes CO). Every map is packaged with our our e-book Burn Morels: A Modern Forager’s Guide to Finding Mushrooms. The book continues to improve year after year with new content and this year a beautiful new design.

So far CO, CA, OR, WA, MT, WY and ID have made it through the curation process. Other states will provide all fires until we can get through the massive amounts of data. We may choose not to curate some states (for example AK which is so big the page takes a minute to load). When you purchase all states, curated maps will automatically become available to you as they are released. All states include: CO, CA, OR, WA, MT, WY, ID, MT, UT, AZ, NM and AK this year.


Sample Map

Take a test drive! Below you’ll find a sample map from last year’s burns in Colorado. Please give it a moment to load (especially if you are on a slower internet connection) and make sure you try the map in full screen. We’ve squished this one into the width of a blog post so it’s best to check it out at full size. 

Colorado: All 2017 Burns for 2018 Hunting

For optimal viewing change the map to full screen mode by clicking on the white square top right of map. Click white square top left for a list of top fire names and zoom links. You also have the option to see A “top burns” and B “promising burns” using the filter.

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  • Melvin T. Deweese

    Great / EXCELLENT !

  • lieslpanke

    Best 39.95 I ever spent! You are doing what I have been trying to do each early winter – map out all the burns (and info about them) in the PNW, and it is painstaking, so I thank you for the massive legwork you have done for me!!!

    • Trent Blizzard

      Thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you are finding value in the maps. Happy Hunting!

  • njh214

    Great maps!!! very informative for morel hunting

  • christine

    I’m wondering about considerations for flame retardants that have been spread over the fires. I don’t see a lot of mention about that but I personally wouldn’t want to be eating that stuff.

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