An Aspen Cornucopia of Wild Mushrooms

Special Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

Lots of different things can make a foraging trip special. Today’s Aspen trip was notable because we totaled eight different edible mushrooms in one trip: Porcini, Golden Chanterelle, Milky Cap, Hawks Wing, Puff Ball, Shaggy Mane, Shrimp Russula and a little piece of Coral to make eight.  If we only could have found some Hedgehogs and Oysters… or maybe Lobsters and Matsutakes… if only.

A few other cool notables today:

  • I spied a Bolete out the car window while we were cruising down the road.  The infamous Road Shroom!
  • We found lots of porcini #1 buttons
  • We hunted a new spot today and it was highly productive. It is always nice to find a new spot!
  • The spot involves wading across a good-sized stream which adds a bit of adventure.
  • We found two boletes in a weird location under a pair of big trees… when we went to pick them up, they were just the caps. Evidence of Squirrels carrying the caps up into their trees (and dropping these two).
  • Trent ate some of the Coral Mushroom. It was a nice sample… next time he will try a bit more.  Apparently they can be a laxative, so, we will approach this mushroom with caution!





  • Jerry

    Trent, I read a few articles involving your hunts in the Aspen Times. I’m wondering if you would do mushroom searches with a novice next year (as we are leaving in a week) and teach me/us the techniques. Willing to compensate. Thanks, Jerry


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